Sunday Confessional

Hard to believe a whole week has gone by already. Mine was a little stressful. I had fully intended on being able to tell you I did some exercise this week, but alas, it was not meant to be. I did play tennis, but I wanted to do more.

Tell me 3 things you did this week to further your weight loss?

Tell me one thing you could have done better?

Tell me about something good that happened to you this week.
I got to go to a friends house for dinner for the first time. We had great food and even better conversation. Oh, and I ate dessert and was it good!


homecky said...

Wow - 3 things I did to promote weight loss... that's a toughy... it was a rough week!
1. Went from 3 sugar cubes to 1 in my coffee (after quitting Splenda)
2. Drank more H2O each day
3. Ate a salad most days with lunch.
4. Only had alcoholic beverages on Friday night (with fab friends!) rather than a glass of wine with dinner several nights.

There are soooo many things I could have done better... that coconut dessert instantly comes to mind.... will toss the rest out tomorrow a.m. to get something in the aforementioned list for this week!

I ordered my family pictures (shot in Aug) today; Christmas cards and all... should reduce stress in December! Very excited about being organized for the holidays again; the past two years I've been less organized and much more stressed.
More stress = more wine and cookies.

Jenny said...

Love that you quit Splenda. I hate chemicals!
Great planning on reducing Holiday Stress!